Shannon Mullaly, PT, MPT, CIMT, CSCS

Shannon Mullaly, PT, MPT, CIMT, CSCS


Shannon Mullaly, PT, MPT, CIMT, CSCSShannon first became interested in human movement and anatomy as a student athlete at USC: Coastal Carolina College where she played on the Division IA Women’s Volleyball Team. She received her Bachelor of Science in Biology and a minor in Psychology in 1995. Shannon was involved with the coaching and training of elite female high school volleyball players and later pursued specialization as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Shannon then went on to pursue a physical therapy degree and graduated from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore with a Master of Physical Therapy degree in 2000.

She has worked in the acute care setting, skilled nursing and outpatient therapy settings throughout her career, but has primarily focused her skills in the outpatient arena and the management of orthopedic conditions. Shannon began pursuing training in advanced manual therapy techniques in 2001 and achieved certification as a Certified Integrated Manual Therapist with Great Lakes Seminars in 2006.

Shannon then further advanced her manual skills with John Barnes MFR techniques and treatment. She focused her continuing education on advanced manual techniques and function movement, including myofascial release, biomechanical foot assessment and custom orthotic fabrication, functional strength and exercise progression, and the Back to Golf© educational series for physical therapists. Shannon’s treatment philosophy is to find the driver or source of the pain or problem to promote full recovery and/or management of symptoms ensuring a healthy, active lifestyle of the patient’s choosing.


Donna, a Patient Says:

For many years I have had rotator cuff problems on both sides, which has led to being in constant pain with my left shoulder, neck and elbow. I had great difficulty cooking, cleaning and driving, and more importantly I could no longer participate in my favorite activities of aerobics and quilting. After many MRI’s and other tests, I was told I had a torn rotator cuff, tennis elbow and arthritis in my shoulder, and for my treatment the doctors gave me needles in my shoulder and elbow, pain patches to be able to do daily activities, and sent me to many physical therapists. Sometimes, I had gentle therapy and other times I had more aggressive therapy with weights to build up strength; PT helped but the pain always came back. I was very unhappy that I could not get any relief from the pain, and when I was told to see a neck specialist, I was not looking forward to doing this.

We recently relocated to Charlotte, NC, and after our move one of my girlfriends called and suggested I try Myofascial Release Therapy, telling me it helped her with some of her pain issues. I searched the web and found Roper Physical Therapy, and when I went there and told Christine Roper what I was feeling, I felt like she listened and heard me, which was very different from other therapists I had went to. I told her I felt like I was always in knots, always tight and in pain, and immediately after my first session, I felt human again. I have been seeing Shannon for approximately 8 months for Myofascial Release Therapy and I am almost pain free.

I still have to be aware of what I am doing and not overdo an activity. I feel great and I am quilting again, and although I have not returned to aerobics I thought I might try yoga. I mentioned this idea to Shannon at a therapy session and she was extremely positive and encouraging, she asked me why I was hesitating and I said I was afraid of hurting myself. Shannon told me all about medical therapeutic yoga and I decided to take a class for just the basics, and I found the instructor Lynne to be wonderful, she is patient, kind, positive and most of all informative, taking the time to make sure everyone is positioned correctly. I never dreamed I could do yoga. I have not felt this relaxed and energized in a very long time. When I leave yoga class, I feel like I can take on the day ahead with a positive attitude. I cannot wait for the second session to start.

One other comment Christine made to me at my first therapy session is that she wanted to get me feeling healthy and on my way to doing the things I loved to do. I feel very close to this goal. I will always be grateful to Roper Physical Therapy, and I am truly grateful to Christine, Shannon and Lynne for listening, healing and giving me the confidence to do yoga. I have not felt this good in a very long time.


Maurice Barnes, parent of Laila who is a patient:
Thank you for showing Laila various stretches to help her improve performance! She worked out with her basketball trainer last night at 9pm. Before she got on the court, she was on the side doing the stretches you shared from the website. Her basketball trainer was impressed that she was actually taking time to properly stretch. He said that she looks like a college basketball player doing stretches. He said “the therapist showed her how college athletes typically stretch prior to performing.” At the end of the workout, the basketball trainer told Laila that tonight was one of your best workouts from a balance, agility and basketball efficiency standpoint.