Ashley Friend, PT, DPT

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Ashley Friend, PT, DPT


ashley friend

Ashley Friend comes to Roper Physical Therapy highly skilled in manual therapy and is an advanced practitioner of Myofascial Release. Ashley graduated with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2012 from D’Youville College in Buffalo, New York. In 2014, she moved to North Carolina to escape the harsh Buffalo winters and began her training in Myofascial Release under John Barnes, PT, LMT NCTMB. Ashley has plans to continue her  MFR training in order to achieve status as an expert practitioner. She initially began her career as a travel Physical Therapist, allowing her to obtain experience in a variety of settings in several locations along the east coast. She has worked in outpatient adults and pediatrics, school-based pediatrics, short-term rehabilitation, and acute care rehabilitation. In 2016, she began additional training under Brian Mulligan,PT in mobilization with movement manual techniques and concepts. Ashley has developed a passion for all age groups with the common goal of improving mobility and enhancing overall quality of life. In her personal life, Ashley enjoys spending time with her husband and her pets, being outdoors, traveling, reading, and ballroom dancing.

“I want to let Ashley Friend know how much I appreciate her seeing me on September 29,2016. I felt so much better after our session . It is great knowing that I can call and get an appointment on a non normal session time when I am having difficulty . I went in with a pain level of 6 and after the session and into the next day pain was level  was 0.  I would highly recommend Ashley  to anyone! I also want to thank Lynne Ray and Christine Roper for all their help!”

Thank you, Avonda 

“Ashley, I can’t thank you enough for your care.  I was amazed each time I worked with you how much better I felt afterward. One time was nearly miraculous as I felt terrible going in and had nearly no pain coming out.  Though I had some bounce back pain, each visit was like a step up the hill and by the last one I was well on my way to recovery. I continue to do my ab exercises and stretching.  I am back on stationary bike and doing quite well. My back is in no pain but feels “vulnerable” so I am very cautious but hopeful that the worst is way over with.  I really feel exceptionally good considering the two separate injuries I suffered. I had a very bad fall with the death of my brother, my surgery and my back injury but you helped carry me through to the other side.”  Jan 2017

Warmest regards and very fondly, Dr. Greg J.